How to Install a Window AC

A window air conditioner provides great relief for the intense Canadian heat for those with homes or apartments not equipped with a central air conditioning system. Nowadays the units can be found for a very reasonable price and even though the window air conditioner will increase the electricity bills, most residents would agree the comfort and coolness after a long, hot day is worth every penny. In that case the only real obstacle facing citizens looking for an air conditioner is the installation and fall removal of the unit. By following this guideline, as reported by experts at, Canadian residents can get their A/C in their window safely just in time for the sweltering summer months.

Purchase a Correct Size Energy Saver Air Conditioner

With the large supply … read more

How to Buy a Central Air Conditioner with These 5 Tips

Many average homeowners are still clueless on how to buy a central air conditioner ideal for their home. In general, air conditioning systems can last anywhere from ten to twenty years. So, at some point in time, you have to throw out your old one and buy a new and more energy-efficient system. Even if you don’t have an idea how to buy a central air conditioner, you can find some inspiration from the Web or ask a professional instead.

The air conditioner plays a crucial role in achieving home cooling comfort. It helps in circulating clean and cool air, lower humidity levels, and boost comfort. A regular central air conditioner system can cool your home for ten to twenty years at the most, so it is understandable that … read more

Gas and Oil Heater Repair Checklist

Heaters, whether gas or oil powered, are indispensable home components. That is why you should always ensure that a licensed HVAC expert like works on them at least once a year to ensure that they work efficiently and that their health remains optimal. Apart from scheduled professional maintenance, there are also a couple of other things that need to take place to help prolong the lifespan of your heaters. Check out these heater repair checklist.

Gas Heater Check-Up

Dust and Clean: Just like any equipment, it is important to ensure that the space around the, and their components are dirt, debris, and dust free as they can damage your system.

Inspect Filters: Air filters found in heaters need to be cleaned or replaced regularly to ensure that your home … read more

Spring HVAC Maintenance and Services

To many people spring means that they can finally start doing things outdoors. Fun outdoor projects, gardening, and barbecues are just a few ways to take in the warmer weather and get some fresh air. Spring also means spring cleaning, and an extensive list of tasks to prepare your home for the rest of the year. When you’re making this list, it’s important that you don’t forget to add spring HVAC maintenance of your essential indoor home systems. For further information, check out below.

A Cooling System Tune-Up

Spring and summer can put a strain on any AC system, especially after being dormant for months, so it’s important to let a professional make sure your system is ready for heavy use. A tune-up for your cooling system will ensure your … read more

Discover What the Next Significant Breakthroughs Are in HVAC Efficiency

Making improvements to our energy efficiency can benefit residents all across Canada. When the amount of energy that is used for powering the country’s heating and air conditioning is reduced, our fossil fuel consumption also is reduced, along with the amount of carbon pollution that we produce which contributes to climate change. In addition, the less gas and electricity that our appliances need, the lower our utility bills will be. Continue reading to learn more (see about exciting new HVAC efficiency technology that might be arriving soon to help you help you save money and energy when using the heating and air conditioning system in your home.

Heating and Air Conditioning’s Bright Future

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